Gurukul Global School Alumni Association will be an engaging and mutually beneficial lifetime engagement between the School and its community of alumni worldwide.


The Gurukul Global School Alumni Association represents the interests of GGS graduates worldwide. The association is committed to keeping its alumni informed, involved and invested in the alumni community and the future of GGS. Working closely with the school, the association offers communications, events, benefits and services for its current and future alumni.


GGS believes a lifelong relationship exists between alumni and the university. GGS alumni association recognizes the importance of education to the development of society. It believes that quality and accessibility are essential if the school is to fulfil its mission of teaching, research and community service. It believes that alumni must contribute actively to the development of the school, and that this may include challenging the school’s vision of itself. It acknowledges we are a caring association, in our service to the membership, the school and the broader community.