Chairman’s Message

Dear Alumni of Gurukul Global School,

While I was writing this note for your web portal I went down the memory lane by more than half a century remembering my own Alma Mater. The school days feelings, emotions, the pranks and joy of childhood flowing into teens and early adulthood defy the decades and become as fresh as it was just yesterday. The exuberance of such joyous moments is obvious whenever we connect with our old school buddies either through social media or alumni meets.

Alumni networking help both the institution and it’s alumni. All successful people who have risen to great pedestals in life do always remember their schooldays, teachers and friends. This bond with Alma Mater brings glory both to the institution and its students and a strong alumni association makes it happen. A well organized body of illustrious students by their volunteer activities can help its school to grow further bringing pride to all associate with it.

It is imperative to have Alumni network which is supportive, interactive and updated. With present day facilities of social media networking it is easier to communicate and consolidate activities of a strong Globalite Alumni Association. This will create an opportunity to give back to your school and its students.

There is no better ambassador of an institution than its students and a successful aluminous can help his Alma Mater and its future students in several ways.

I wish all the best and look forward to very constructive relationship between all the past students of Gurukul Global School.

Dr. V.D. Singh

Managing Director’s Message

It’s been ten years that the journey of ‘Empowering Young Minds’ started. Though this incredible voyage is on-going, I can proudly say that we have covered a substantial distance in the right direction.

Moving from step to step, GGS that started as a middle school in 2008, stands tall today with 3 years old students attending classes from Nursery to the adolescents attending Science, Commerce and Humanities stream Senior Secondary Classes.

Always known for its niche factor; the school offers subjects like Mass Media, Legal Studies that go a long way in orienting the students to adopt a clear vision towards their career. And to compliment this, the presence of a professionally qualified career counsellor in the school aids the process of making the right choice of career by the students.

No doubt the school, in the past, has produced stupendous results at X and XII level of Board Examinations.

Aiming the holistic development of our Globalites, we concentrate on not only enhancing their academic skills but special emphasis is laid on sports. Providing the best of the sports infrastructure for both indoor and outdoor games, we encourage our Globalites to train their physical faculties in order to channelize their energies in the right direction.

Developing the co-scholastic skills, we host Inter School Events like Model United Nations Conferences, Parliamentary Debate Championships, Robotics events, skill fests; making sure that each one of these events is solely organised and managed by the students so that they are empowered with the multifarious skills that would hold them in good stead in life.

Our target is not only to ensure that our students enter the Best of the Universities and make a name for themselves, but we are committed towards making the journey also equally beautiful, infesting it with momentous occasions and memories that they hold dear for the rest of their lives.

Founder & MD,
Mr. Parveen Setya

Principal’s Message

We feel immense pleasure in launching the Alumni Portal for the school that shall help us stay connected with our students who have graduated from the school & are making a mark in their respective fields with a niche impact.

We are sure that the day you stepped out of the portals of GGS, you carried with you not only the grades, marks & certificates but also the immensely deep sea of values & life skills which help you successfully manage the umpteen challenges that the life throws at you, at various junctures.

For the complete faculty of GGS, learner is the pivot around which the whole of our system revolves as we don’t believe in us imparting education but our vision is to equip our learners to with vast diversified arena of skills pertinent to their age specific learning goals. Engrossed in developing Global Citizens with a modern, contemporary outlook, we at GGS, provide our Globalities with unlimited platforms to showcase their innate potential; for we believe, that every child is special & has a unique set of personality traits. All this is aligned to the vision of the school ‘Empowering Young minds…; for us education is not only preparing the Youth for a career or earning a livelihood; for us education is to empower them with a far-sighted vision that not only helps them grow as an individual but enable them to contribute meaningfully to the society. We, therefore, do not assess the success & happiness at the same level; but make the youth realize that doing things that make you happy, automatically gets translated to success!

Ms. Nina Pandey

What Alumni Say

What alumni said about Gurukul Global School



As a new comer to Gurukul Global in class XI , I was nervous and apprehsive to say the least. New environment, New classmates, teachers and management, initially I felt quite intoxicated but with the passage of time, I comfortably settled in. Before, long I looked forward each morning to be in school. The credit lies entirely to the awesome teachers and the faculty who ensured that I was welcomed with the open arms into Gurukul family. Then came my big moment ; an opportunity to participate in an interview conducted by CNBC in our school campus and that was telecasts on National Channel. My confidence escalated to the heights. I had never experienced it before. I still get goose bumps remembering that wonderful moment.. Soon I was in grade XII and my previous years result reflected my progress towards success.. How I enjoyed each day at school is a long story. Class CUI being the board class gave many sleepiness nights to me in the beginning but slowly I followed a time table which ensure my regularity. I kept up my hard work though at my own comfortable pace.The last few days in school are my most memorable one's where I got an opportunity to be liked and appreciated by everyone and finally my happiness knew no bounds when I got selected as MISS. GURUKUL GLOBAL. My board result and my previous results have made my parents, family and teachers very proud. Now I m trying to get admission into a reputed institute for my further studies overseas. I completely owe my success to my Alma matter 'GURUKUL GLOBAL.'

Suvir Tandon

First and Former President of Students' Counsel
First and Former President of Students' Counsel Just completed my Graduation [B.Com(Hons)]from SD College, Chandigarh. In my First year at College, I tried my hands at Chartered Accountancy. I gave the entrance, got distinction. Started preparing for the First Exam for CA and simultaneously for B.Com examination. But I left CA in the Second year because I realised that was something I didn't want to pursue and I wanted to live my college life which I pretty much was deprived of in the first year. Second And Third year have really grown me up as a person or as a man. In couple of Months I proved myself in the College and College Societies, I got my grades up and also got Elected as SECRETARY GENERAL for International Organisation ENACTUS for my College. Me and Two of my Other friends have started a Fashion Magazine, in which I handle all the Graphic Designing and Photoshoots. I'm running my very own Magazine now and my very own Photography Page on Instagram @suvir_tandon. I have just given entrances examination for Law.
1 (1)

Mohamad Asif Choudhary

I am former student of Gurukul Global School. I have passed 12th class in the session 2017-18.

Alumni Committee Members

md Sir

Mr. Parveen Setya

Managing Director
Ms Shalu Khosla – Alumni Coordinator

Ms. Shalu Khosla

Alumni Coordinator
Mr S P Chand Sr Coordinator (XI-XII) (1)

Mr S P Chand

Academic Advisor
Ms Leena Khaneja Coordinator (Kidergarten) (3)

Ms Leena Khaneja

Coordinator Operations
Ms Renu Sharma Coordinator (I-X) (2)

Ms Renu Sharma

Senior Coordinator (IX-XII)

Student Committee Members

AARAV OHRI Head Boy (2019-20)

Aarav Ohri

Head Boy (2019-20)
Rhea Vashisht Head Girl (2019-20)

Rhea Vashisht

Head Girl 2019-20
Palak Khosla Discipline Incharge (2019-20)

Palak Khosla

Discipline Incharge 2019-20
Nirbhay Sharma Head Boy 2018-19

Nirbhay Sharma

Head Boy 2018-19
Arshiya Mahajan Head Girl 2018-19

Arshiya Mahajan

Head Girl 2018-19
Shraeya Sharma Head Girl 2018-19

Shraeya Sharma

Head Girl 2018-19
Karithkeya Budwal Discipline Incharge 2018-19

Karithkeya Budwal

Discipline Incharge

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